EDC #2


Steel: Niolox 4.2mm thickness
Hardness: 58-60 HRC
Overall length: 198 mm.
Blade: 93 mm.  Hollow grind  done on 9″ Wheel
Finish: scoth-brite
Thickness behind the edge: 0.3mm.
Handle: Turkish Walnut Root, Brass pins
Sheath: Pancake sheath, Wet formed, with welt(3rd layer),Vegetable-tanned leather,  Holes for the belt are 7mm wide, and 4.8mm long

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Niolox tool steel have good toughness,edge-holding ability at moderate corrosion resistance.Besides its main application for cutter knives in the food processing industry, this steel is used for all industrial knife applications where maintenance of the cutting edges and moderate corrosion resistance is required.Contains niobium, one of the best carbide former, although there’s not a lot of it(Niobium) in the alloy. In knives, typical working hardness range is 58-63HRC. Even without PM technology, it is a very fine grained steel, which obviously is a positive and aids with edge stability.


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