EDC #4


Steel: N690co 4.2mm thickness Stainless
Hardness: 59-60 HRC
Overall length: 188 mm.
Blade: 90 mm.  Hollow grind  9″ Wheel
Finish: scoth-brite
Thickness behind the edge: 0.3mm.
Handle: Black Corian with Pearls, Stainless pins
Sheath: Pancake sheath, Wet formed, with welt(3rd layer),Vegetable-tanned leather,  Holes for the belt are 7mm wide, and 4.8mm long


N690Co is made by Bohler in Austria. It is stainless, has excellent edge-holding capabilities and takes extremely fine edge. The high carbon content allows the steel to be tempered to 58-60HRc while the Cobalt inhibits cracking (chipping) at this level of hardness. The vanadium contributes to edge-holdind by producing a fine grain structure. Bohler’s unique cross-rolling technology produces a homogeneous steel sheet with excellent carbide distribution.


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