Steel: Elmax Stainless 3.8mm Cryo treatment
Hardness: 61.5 HRC (tested)
Overall length: 295 mm.
Blade: 155 mm.  Saber grind
Finish: scoth-brite
Thickness behind the edge: 0.5mm.
Handle: Stabilized cone, 2 types corian and vulcanized fiber
Sheath: 3.5 mm Vegetable-tanned leather, Black dyed

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Uddeholm Elmax SuperClean is alloyed steel with the following characteristics: • High wear resistance • High compressive strength • Corrosion resistant • Very good dimensional stability or the ability to retain its size and form even after taking abuse. Although high wear and corrosion resistance are typically hard to find together in a knife blade, this steel’s powder-metallurgy based production allows for its imperviousness to wear (sideways shifting of the metal from its original position) and gives the knife the desired traits of superior edge retention and an ease of sharpening.


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